Bring Your Business

We are interested to hear from existing businesses looking to for a platform to scale their businesses. 

Being part of DSW allows a smaller business to leverage the brand credentials, referrals and network connections, kick starting growth and attracting talent to build your business.  We have an innovative proposition that allows the existing owners to sell part of their business whilst retaining control and capitalising on the benefits of being part of a bigger brand.

The wider network offers referral opportunities and opens doors which, together with the leverage of a highly reputable brand and extensive credentials, gives you greater power to increase pricing.

We can provide centralised support services and infrastructure to allow you to focus on growing your business, whilst maintaining your autonomy and existing business model.  Furthermore, we will provide marketing and PR to enhance your public profile as well as providing in house support for recruitment.

To discuss a team move please contact us.

Partner Testimonial

Ellen Little, Partner at Dow Schofield Watts Business Planning.

“Becky and I were already set up in partnership when we started talking to DSW about joining up, having left EY in 2010.   We took a long time to make a final decision as we were proud of the business we had already built and were slightly concerned that we would lose some of our ethos and control.  As it was we needn’t have worried.  Since joining DSW in 2018 our business has gone from strength to strength.  We have increased our client base through both contacts within DSW and also due to being able to operate under an established brand.  We have access to a highly professional, skilled wider team whom we can ask for advice or just use a sounding board for operational issues.  This support is provided in the context of us very much being left to our own devices in terms of the operational day-to-day running of the business.  In this way we have been able to maintain our own style and culture.  It really is the best of both worlds, and we definitely made the right decision in coming on board.”