Deadline extended for Dow Schofield Watts’ £50k a head offer

Dow Schofield Watts (DSW), the mid-market challenger professional services network, launched the second round of its Breakout Incentive in February 2023 and today announced that teams looking to receive a cash lump sum of up to £50,000 per person have until the 31st of March 2024 to register their interest.

The Breakout Incentive was devised to support ambitious teams wanting to join DSW’s award-winning network of advisory businesses and hit the ground running with their original teams intact.

DSW is targeting entrepreneurial teams of three or more who want to break out of their existing firm and build their own business with the backing of a credible and proven brand. In addition to a free cash injection, it will provide working capital to enable them to find their feet quickly. The funding will come from a £2m pot established during the business’s IPO to boost recruitment and expansion.

The firm has recently seen rapid expansion, with five new businesses added to the network in 2023, and aims to continue its growth across the UK by adding complementary niche service lines and expanding our geographic footprint.

Fahim, Harry, and Dan from DSW Corporate Finance Midlands
Fahim, Harry, and Dan from DSW Corporate Finance Midlands, which launched in 2023.

James Dow, CEO of DSW Capital, which owns the Dow Schofield Watts brand, said: “We are keen to partner with teams who can benefit from our network’s cross-referral links. Services that are ideally positioned to take advantage of the network’s collaborative nature include financial due diligence, tax advisory, business recovery and other specialist advice.”

He explains: “We’ve opened offices in both Cardiff and the Midlands, following the launch of two new Corporate Finance teams, creating a fantastic opportunity to expand our offering in these locations.”

“As one of the most active financial advisors both regionally and nationally, this creates a large number of opportunities, particularly for Transaction Services and Tax Advisory teams looking to launch their own business in Cardiff or the Midlands.”

DSW currently has over 100 professionals – many from ‘big four’ accounting firms – across twelve offices in Aberdeen, Cardiff, the North West of England, Leeds, Leicester, London, Nottingham and Reading.

DSW’s licensing model provides a genuine alternative to traditional accountancy firms, offering fee earners full autonomy with no billing targets and the opportunity to build a business that aligns with their values. Under the model, they benefit from a comprehensive infrastructure with back-office support whilst taking home up to 78% of their fee income.

Pete Fendall, Business Development Director at DSW Capital, said: “If you are a finance professional looking to take control of your career, Dow Schofield Watts’ unique model allows you to do precisely that! We empower you to start and run your own business, giving you the freedom to work in a way that aligns with your values and make your own decisions.”

If you are part of a team that’s ready to break away from the restrictions of a traditional firm and step into an exciting career, register your interest with our recruitment team by the 31st of March 2024!