National Apprenticeship Week

For National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we are proud to be spotlighting Digital Marketing Executive Rachel Roberts from the DSW Capital Team!

National Apprenticeship Week
From L to R: Nicole Burstow, Rachel Roberts, Pete Fendall, and Katie Walton

Rachel completed her one-year Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in 2023, passing with a Distinction. Now, a few months into her Level 4 Marketing Executive Apprenticeship, she offers her insights into this way of learning and working.

What inspired you to pursue an apprenticeship?

I was in a job that was uninspiring and didn’t offer me the opportunity to use my content writing skills. I had graduated with a history degree two years earlier, and I had realised I wanted a more creative role that I would enjoy and would build on this base. An apprenticeship seemed the most accessible way for me to enter the saturated creative field and succeed.

What unique opportunities did your apprenticeship scheme provide you?

My Level 3 studies taught me the basics of digital marketing and increased my confidence in applying what I’d learnt to help inform our strategies.

When choosing the next step, I enrolled in a Level 4 programme. The provider my manager and I chose included a CiM qualification in their course. It was a big draw in our decision and a logical next step in a marketing career. Having the ability to take charge of my learning and deciding how I want to grow is one of the reasons I appreciate Dow Schofield Watts and its flexibility.

What advice would you have for anyone thinking of an apprenticeship?

As someone who started an apprenticeship after being a university graduate, I was cautious of the preconceptions of being an apprentice – where you are junior and not given much in the way of responsibility. However, this was far from the experience I had. From the start of my apprenticeship, I was given clear duties, which progressed to taking ownership of how these are best performed and being promoted at the end of the year to recognise this increased responsibility. For anyone thinking about an apprenticeship, I would recommend this route wholeheartedly. It helps massively if you’re unsure about the mechanics of starting your desired career.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were starting your apprenticeship again?

I would tell myself to ask every question I can think of and not keep things to myself. Help is there if you need it, and don’t be too shy to ask for it!

What would be the ideal next step in your career?

I would like to progress in my career alongside the company’s growth and hopefully mentor someone else in their apprenticeship too. As for developing my skills, I want to further my SEO knowledge and continue optimising our social channels while producing long-form content.

Where can people find apprenticeship opportunities like yours?

For someone looking to enter professional services with no other training, an apprenticeship will be an excellent way to ‘get your foot in the door’. I completed my Level 3 apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships, which originally matched me with DSW. I’m now currently training with Apprentify on my Level 4.

DSW also advertises direct apprenticeship opportunities on our careers website. Even if you aren’t applying for financial or accountancy roles like me, there is still a place for you at DSW.