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DSW’s next generation of leaders ‘graduate’ from Future Leaders Programme

Dow Schofield Watts’ next generation of future leaders has ‘graduated’ from an innovative leadership development programme. Designed by BecomingX in collaboration with Dow Schofield Watts, the Future Leaders Programme included 12 participants from across the network.

Group photo of the DSW Future Leaders Programme graduates.
The DSW Future Leaders Programme Graduates

The ‘graduates’ have spent the last six months realising their potential via leadership, business development, teamwork, communications and resilience development sessions together with one-to-one coaching.

BecomingX was set up by adventurer Bear Grylls and CEO Paul Gurney. DSW are delighted to partner with BecomingX, who also collaborates with the likes of Accenture, Amazon and KPMG.

Pete Fendall, DSW’s Business Development and Operations Director, helped develop the programme and was also a participant. He said: “Being a challenger brand with a unique licensing model, DSW empowers people to take control of their destiny and build their own business, and BecomingX had to support this entrepreneurial approach whilst increasing collaboration and interconnectivity across our network.”

Liz Lawson, DSW’s Talent and Resourcing Manager, said the firm’s main aim was to provide an inspiring and rewarding leadership programme to develop its next generation of leaders. “The key outcomes were to recognise our future leaders, enhance their leadership skills, build their confidence, and increase collaboration across the DSW network. This is exactly what BecomingX delivered.

“Our future leaders have all provided overwhelmingly positive feedback and I was able to witness a step-change in their levels of confidence and the deep relationships they built during the programme.

“The cohort are an extremely talented group of individuals who have brilliant ideas on how to make DSW even better as a result of working together, and they’re fully committed to taking these forward.”

Asked what they enjoyed most about BecomingX, the future leaders said;

Adam Widerkiewicz

Adam Widerkiewicz – Associate Director, DSW Corporate Finance

“Having a better understanding of my skills and the different types of leaders and styles – it’s not a one size fits all.”

Amanda Hamlin

Amanda Hamlin – Insolvency Manager, DSW Business Recovery

“The best thing has been getting to know different people in the network. The masterclasses and one to one coaching enabled me to learn a lot about my strengths and weaknesses and how to build on this to drive the business forward.”

Callum Sellar

Callum Sellar – Director, DSW Corporate Finance

“It really gave me a fresh perspective on different ideas. There are 23 different businesses in the DSW network so making new contacts around the firm and really building networks was a big plus. And that you really do need to carve out time to focus on yourself.”  

Eleanor Boardman

Eleanor Boardman – Investment Manager, DSW Ventures

“I’ve definitely built confidence with my soft skills through all the different master classes which has been great.”

Jessica Bradbury

Jessica Bradbury – Associate Director, The Camlee Group

“The opportunity to get to know more people across the DSW network has been really valuable. We did some really fun interactive sessions, not all of them were immediately comfortable for me, but I always learnt something from them and came away thinking that was really useful.”

Jonathon Jay

Jonathon Jay – Partner, DSW Wealth Planning

It was a great opportunity to work with colleagues and build connections and network across the business. I enjoyed spending time with colleagues, working on projects together and knowing that DSW is taking the future of the business and the network really seriously.”

Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett – Partner, DSW Bridge Houghton Forensic

“Collaborating on some really meaningful changes and initiatives that we’ll be implementing in the business. It was really useful to develop my own self profile and look at self-reflection and self-development.”

Martin Ellison

Martin Ellison – Partner, DSW Asset Based Lending Risk Management

“The one to one coaching – taking the time out to focus on your own personal and professional development. To bring the best to our businesses – make them the best they can be – you need to bring the best version of yourself and BecomingX enabled me to have the time out to focus and that has been invaluable. I also enjoyed being able to focus on real life projects in real time. This brought an extra dimension to the whole process, brought it to life and I think that was fantastic.”

Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas – Director, DSW Debt Advisory

“I really enjoyed the situations and exercises to force you out of your comfort zone. You learn so much more than you might do otherwise. Building my network, softer skills and focusing on what I can do to incrementally leverage my skillset to better deliver for the business.”

Pete Fendall

Pete Fendall – Business Development & Operations Director, DSW

“Working with a group of people across the network across all different services lines; I found it really fascinating to learn their different perspectives and issues.”

Ros Jones

Ros Jones – Partner, DSW Corporate Finance

“Getting involved in something outside of the day job which will hopefully be of benefit to DSW as a whole going forward. I also really enjoyed understanding a bit more about my own strengths and how to recognise strengths in others.”

Tom Dutton

Tom Dutton – Director, DSW Corporate Finance

Building great connections with people I already know in the network and finding new connections in service lines which I probably didn’t have at the start. It’s been really good building those connections and hopefully they’ll flourish in the future.”

Thank you to all our Future Leaders for sharing their feedback

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