Our Partner Recruitment Process​

Your contact at DSW will guide you at each step of the journey. 

Our 5 Stage Process includes:

  • Initial discussion
  • Meeting the team
  • Business plan
  • Partner assessment
  • Meeting the board
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The process of becoming a partner at DSW is a streamlined approach that allows both you and us to find out if we’re a good match. It includes familiarising you with our model and how your business would operate, meeting key contacts within DSW, building a business plan, a partner evaluation, and finally, receiving board approval.

Your contacts at DSW will guide you at each step of the journey. On average, the process takes approximately two months. However, we will move at your pace! The full outline of our Partner Recruitment Process is outlined below.

Stage 1

Initial Discussion

Meet with our in-house recruitment team to discuss the business model, answer any initial questions and help you determine whether launching a business with DSW is right for you.

Stage 2

Meet the CEO and CFO

You will be introduced to James Dow, CEO, and Pete Fendall, COO, to discuss your experience to date and what launching a business with DSW could look like for you. Each partner candidate’s experience, motivations, and ambitions are different. During this stage, we’ll be able to guide you as you work through the steps of transitioning from an employee to a business owner.

Stage 3

Develop Your Business Plan

Develop your business plan with Pete Fendall, COO, and Susie Dow, Head of FP&A, who will help you work through the details and cover any detailed questions you may have about the logistics.

From the business model we’ll be able to determine what your funding requirement will be, your potential future earnings, and what additional incentives may be available.

Once the business model has been finalised, we’ll then be able to make you an offer, which will be subject to board approval.

Stage 4

Complete Partner Assessment

Complete our Partner Assessment process with Liz Lawson, Talent & Resourcing Manager. This stage involves an initial psychometric assessment and an interview with Liz to understand your strengths, areas for development and appetite for risk.

From this, we’ll then be able to suggest and recommend additional support to help you in the early stages of launching your business.

Stage 5

Meet the Board

As the final stage, you’ll be invited to meet the remainder of the DSW Capital plc board. Prior to the meeting the board will have received your Business Plan and Partner Assessment. The meeting will allow you to introduce yourself to the board and provide an overview of your business plan, with time for questions.

At this point you’ll receive board approval to proceed with the launch of your business.


Welcome to DSW!

Once you’ve received board approval, we’ll work with you to get everything up and running ahead of your start date.

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